15 February 2017

reHub presented at CERN

20170123 00 CERN fotoritocco

On 23rd and 24th Jan 2017 reHub presented at CERN : an acceleration by an european founded project.20170123 reHub presented at CERN Geneve


Opencare is an European project dealing with the developing of new medical proposals starting from people needs.
ReHub was selected by Opencare to participate to a project acceleration at Idea2 at CERN in Geneva.

We were hosted by Scimpulse Foundation, took part of projects presentations and talked with experts for two days. We were deep into an international context where research and innovation are at the highest levels of human knowledge.

What happened to reHub presented at CERN

On 22nd Jan 2017 we were thrilled to be at CERN reception:

20170123 00 CERN logo

Team reHub was ready to meet and talk about the glove present and future to leading international experts.


After the accreditation, while we started working, a welcome message reached our devices:

20170123 04 CERN Accesso Web

For two days we met CERN experts in:

  • medicine ;
  • business administration;
  • production process;
  • medichal and social marketing;
  • open source and hardware licence;
  • physics;
  • engineering.

Some experts tried the glove and all expressed their opinion.

20170124 06 CERN Sessione BP

We were updated on the current state of medical research and suggested possible future scenarios for the design of reHub glove in order to make it suitable to the care and other markets.

All sessions happened few meters from ATLAS project control room:

20170123 14 CERN ATLAS Murales

We were offered a continuous discovery of possibilities offered by the most advanced researches done at CERN.

On 24th Jan working sessions were over and we had a bit of time to reflect:

20170124 08 CERN Sessione di confronto

reHub Team chose the double decker bus in the center of Idea2 as place to write conclusions.

reHub presented at CERN conclusions

The acceleration showed us new development possibilities for the next months. reHub process will be described soon on .. stay tuned!

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