8 March 2017

Merck Award: a glove to cure SLA

One of the winners of the first Merk Award in neurobiology was iGlove.

iGlove is a glove with sensors for the rehabilitation of patients with ALS and / or neurological damage (Source: ilcorriere)

Merck Award in neurology

The Merck Award in neurology with the patronage of SIN (Italian Neurology Society) as stated in the announcement:premio merck e sin

It is assigned to those technological innovations that improve quality of life of ALS patients.

The prizes were two, each by 40.000 Euros, both assigned on 1st March 2017 to two projects:

home rehabilitation for people with multiple sclerosis suffering of disequilibrium: Professor Paolo Confalonieri

iGlove-study: Professor Maria Pia Sormani



Developed at the Science and Health department of Genova University, the project is coordinated by professor Maria Pia Sormani:

maria pia sormani iglove

Its purpose is to monitor the damage to upper limbs using sensors able to measure the capacity of opposition of the fingers and the repetitiveness of exercises timing them.

Using both gloves at the same time helps verifying and to allow assessment of the patient’s health status by comparing the simultaneity of the exercises performed.

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